2013. augusztus 11., vasárnap

Polyrhythmics - Polyrhythmics EP (2010)

The Polyryhthmics are an all original 8-piece Funk and Afro-beat Orchestra comprised of some of Seattle’s finest rhythmic and melodic musicians. The music is a fusion of music from all over the world, featuring unique, forward thinking arrangements, stellar improvisation, heavy grooves, and dynamic interplay. Together for just under a year, Polyrhythmics have quickly gained notoriety playing to packed clubs, and festival crowds all over the Northwest. Their self-titled EP has also been charting on radio play-lists up and down the west coast, allowing the band to access the hearts and minds of critics, dancers and music listeners of all ages. The music that this creative and unbelievably talented group creates truly does offer something for everyone, from the most discerning listener, to the eager-to dance socialites in the club.

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