2010. november 4., csütörtök

Lacoste x Stones Throw

Stones Throw has teamed with iconic French sportswear brand Lacoste for a limited edition sneaker, a part of the Lacoste Legends series. Pre-order for the Lacoste/Stones Throw Chevel sneaker is available now. Expected ship date is December 13. The story of Legends begins with René Lacoste. Reigning tennis champion of the 1920s known as ‘The Crocodile’ for his on-court tenacity, René was a true legend of his time. Famed for his sportsmanship, elegance and enduring sense of style, René went on to found the Lacoste brand that over 75 years later still bears the crocodile emblem. Inspired by the legacy of René and the Lacoste tradition, the story lives on through the Legends footwear concept that unites 12 contemporaries to pay homage to the great man and the iconic L.12.12 Polo - Stones Throw, Sébastien Tellier, ato, Christophe Lemaire, Tim Hamilton, Sneaker Freaker, i-D, Bodega, D-Mop, and Colette. Materials & Design: Stones Throw's sneaker is full grain leather upper with textile detailing - a tongue crafted from petit piqué cotton, incorporating a woven Lacoste-branded tab finished with a mother-of-pearl button, referencing the intricate detailing found on the L.12.12 Polo. Designed by Peanut Butter Wolf.

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